About Us


Welcome to JustCuteHairCuts, we are focused on providing our readers with helpful Eyelash Extention, Hair and Nail care (Manicure and Pedicure) tips. We bring you only tested and proven to work info. To help you with the day-in-day-out care of your nails and hair.


Topics We Cover

  • Hair extension tips.
  • Hair mixing tips and handling.
  • Nail Fixing, removal, and maintenance.
  • Eyelash Extension Care to increase lashes lifespan.
  • Lash Extension Care tips for when sleeping.
  • Cleaning lash tips.
  • Hair products usage instructions.
  • Nails brush Maintainance guide etc.


JustCuteHairCuts is not a Saloon or a blog owned by a Saloon, this site is owned and managed by a group of experienced female saloon makeup artists cosmetologists, and nail technicians. If you ever want to get in touch with us or have questions for which concerning anything related to hair care and nail care tips, please contact us via our email on our contact page.