How Long Does Falscara Lashes Last Without Overnighter

Talking from my experience so far with the use of eyelashes whether Falscara or other brands, everyone just wants to see that when they fix lashes, it should be properly done. This is just a normal feeling that everyone should feel, even though many leave out the fact that one has to also take care of the lash to help them last longer.

In that regard, some people tend to use Overnighter, which does not tally a bad idea. However, from my perspective, and my experience so far it is not something really adds any significant longevity to your lash lifespan, but then for the sake of people wanting to know how long does Falscara last without Overnighter? let us find out.

How Long Does Falscara Last Without Overnighter


Let me make this clear!!

Falscara eyelashes generally last about 4 to 6 weeks with or without Overnighter, and this is from my personal assessment. This period of time is also enough for you as an individual to take off your lash extensions so that your eyes can relax and feel normal for some time before you fix another extension.

Now let me explain, back in June, my girl was complaining about having to fix her lashes every 2 weeks for one month as at then. Then she mentioned that another friend of hers advised her to use Overnighter and that it would help her keep the lashes in place longer, but she got skeptical about it.

So this fateful weekend she came over to my house and I noticed her lash wear not done and I know it is very unlike her. So, is asked if she just took them off she is just taking some time off from fixing the lash extension, then she told me what really happened and she wanted to ask me, but is just was quick to notice.

Then she put the question to me quote “how long does Falscara eyelash last without Overnighter“ i look at her for a minute. Then I answered as my typical me will do, my response was your Falscara will only last between four and six weeks depending on your type of skin and the precautions you take.

The Experiment

However, I got curious and asked why she asked me that, then she explained how someone had advised her to because of what she was experiencing for the past month or so. Well, being curious makeup article I did not let it end there, I took her on an adventure of the experiment so that I can really prove to her what I have said so far.

Well, we did, only that this time I fixed the lashes for myself and after the first day, we were sure the lashes were fully ready. I then applied an overnighter on one of the left sides and left the right side lashes without applying an overnighter.

The Result

After about 9 days, strands started falling off from each of the left and the right side eyelashes. Now, I am happy to prove a point to her, because if I had left her to herself, she would not have listened, but now she will.

However, along the line of the experimentation, I came to understand that, she had very oily skin which is enough of a reason for the extension to be falling off too within those days. But, then I also noticed my friend looks to stay in the sauna, she also loves hot water baths and she doesn’t care about letting it through her face.

This has pushed me to clear this misconception by many people, Falscara eyelash extensions can be waterproof, but you are still not supposed to stay too long in the water, especially hot water with it. It will eventually start falling off or end up not lasting as long as it should have.

How to Apply Falscara Overnighter


Falscara Overnighter is a makeup primer that can be applied on the skin before applying foundation. It is designed to cover pores and fine lines, as well as to make the skin appear brighter.

It is a lightweight product that does not feel greasy or heavy on the face. It has been formulated with an anti-aging peptide complex, which helps to protect the skin from environmental damage and premature aging.

This product has been created for people who are looking for a more natural makeup look but still want their makeup to last all day long.

The main benefits of Falscara Overnighter are: it can be used before foundation; it has anti-aging properties; it helps with pores and fine lines; it brightens up the complexion; it lasts all day long; and finally, it provides a natural makeup look.

How Long Does Falscara Bond and Seal Last?


Falscara bond and seal is a lash extension adhesive that is applied with a disposable brush. It bonds and seals the false lashes to your natural lashes.

It is not a new thing that, the bond of Falscara is a semi-permanent one, meaning it does not last forever but it can last for weeks at a time. The Falscara sealant lasts up to 10 days, but this depends on the type of Falscara you are using and how often you remove your lashes.

It also depends on the individual lash and the person wearing them. For example, if you have a false lash that is thicker or stiffer than your natural lashes, then it will take longer for the Falscara to bond and seal with the other lashes.


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Can You Remove Falscara Without Remover?


Yes, you can remove Falscara with the help of a remover.

There are two ways that you can remove Falscara without remover. The first way is to use soap and water, and the second way is to use a facial cleanser.

The first method of removing Falscara without remover is by using soap and water. You will need a washcloth or towel, some warm water, and soap in order to do this method correctly.

This method of removing Falscara without remover is not as effective as the second method but it does work in a pinch if you do not have any other products on hand.

To start, wet your washcloth with some warm water and then add some soap onto the cloth or towel before washing your face with it for about thirty seconds or so before rinsing off all of the soap with warm water from your washcloth. This method of removing mascara without remover is best done at night before bed.

The second method of removing Falscara without remover is by using a facial cleanser.

To start, apply the product onto your skin and then wash it off with water after about one minute. This method of removing Falscara without remover is best done in the morning before you shower as it can be drying on your skin if you do this method too often.



As I have mentioned in most of my other articles under the eyelash category, the manner in which everyone uses eyelashes extensions differs from each other. However, the ultimate goal is to augment the natural lashes to make them look thicker, and fuller, and sometimes used to cover up bald patches in the eyebrows.

In this article, we have answered the question of how long does Falscara last without overnighters because of the experience of my friend and the result of the experiment so far. If you still place you need me to clarify, even more, am all yours, just drop it in the comments section below.

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