How to Fix Gel Nails That Have Lifted at Home

You will discover that your nails must have lifted after a few days weeks or a month of making it at home or in the salon. It is not normal for your nails to lift at home when done newly after a few days.

How then do you remedy or fix gel nails that have been lifted at home without the intervention of a nail technician or professional? In order for you to do it right without any mistake or damage, read the next heading now.

How to Fix Gel Nails That Have Lifted at Home


To fix gel nails that have lifted at home, make sure you must have checked out for any kind of injury on your nail cuticle. Start off by washing your hands to your nails with mild soap and then rinse with clean water before drying with a clean towel.

Nail lifting is a common problem for gel nail users. It is a result of the natural growth of the nail and can be prevented by following some simple steps.

  1. Apply a base coat to the nails before applying the gel polish. This will help to seal the nail and prevent it from absorbing too much moisture, which can cause it to lift.
  2. Apply a top coat after applying the gel polish. This will help to seal in moisture and keep your nails looking shiny.
  3. Avoid soaking your hands in water or washing dishes for long periods of time, this will cause your nails to soften and become more susceptible to lifting.
  4. Use an acetone-free nail polish remover when removing gel polish from your nails, this will prevent excess moisture from damaging your nails.
  5. Avoid nail polish removers with acetone, as they will eat away at the gel nail polish.
  6. Keep your nails in good shape by gently filing them, this will help to create a stronger bond between the gel and natural nail layers.
  7. If you are noticing lifting around your cuticles or tips when applying a new gel polish color, try applying cuticle oil to your nails before applying the gel.

Gel nail polish typically lasts 2 weeks before needing a refill. Another way to fix your gel nails, apply nail acetone on your tip and carefully use a nail cuticle pusher to lift your nails up gently. You should check and ensure that your nail has not been infected by any kind of fungus disease.

Best Gel Base Coat for Oily Nails


The best gel nail base coat to use is the  Gelish Base & Top Coat which works effectively for oily nails. This base coat enables your nails to not lift nor feel hard and tightened on your real nails.

The base coat is very important for your nail especially when they are oily as it tends to give them a form of rigidity and strength. The base coat is normally applied before putting on any type of nail extension on your nails.

Nail extensions such as gel nails new the best type of base coat so that it’ll last longer and not look dull and faint. A base coat for oily nails saves you the stress of being uncomfortable or shying away from nail extension.


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Can You Glue a Gel Nail Back on


Yes, you can glue your gel nail back on your real nails in cases where it falls off by itself after you have made it on your nails. You should apply primer to your gel nails before putting it back on your nails again.


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You might experience a situation when your gel nails keep falling off repeatedly and it now makes you consider changing it. Well, you need to know that, you can easily glue back your gel nails back on your finger.

Before putting it back on, carefully prep your nails and buff them with a nail buffer and apply primer before applying the nail glue and let it dry. Then put back your gel nails on the glue when sticky and allow it to dry well before wiping.

Why Gel Nails Lifting at Free Edge


Why gel nails lift at the free edge because of dirt, dust, or debris that has accumulated on your nail cuticle before you did a nail extension. Why your gel nails lift from the edge may also be due to the fact that you did not wipe them off.

You must have seen or experienced that your nail extension has been lifting at the free edge constantly or frequently since you made it. It is important for you to know the cause of the lift at free edges and how to avoid it.

The major cause of lifting at the free edge of your nails is because of dust and debris from your buff process that wasn’t wiped off. You need to wipe it off and add primer to dehydrate your nails before applying gel nails.

How to Stop Gel Nails from Lifting


How to stop your gel nails from lifting is by wiping off after each session of buffing your nails before putting your gel nails. Secondly, make use of nail acetone or isopropyl alcohol to wipe your nails to stop lifting.

To stop your gel nails from lifting, take a bottle of isopropyl, get a piece of cotton buds or balls and dip in the liquid content. Bring out the piece and carefully dab your nails gently so that the dirt will come off your Nail.

After dabbing your nails with the cotton buds or ball, allow your nails to dry up properly before applying your gel nails. You can apply the same procedure when using isopropyl alcohol to wipe off your nails.

Can You Glue Your Nail Back Together?


Yes, you can glue back your nails together when it falls off after a few days, you can glue back your nails as it is still OK. You can glue back your nails once you know it has not stayed for too long on your nails.

Before putting your nails back together, make sure you ensure they are wiped with rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant. Also prep your nails and apply a base coat before putting the nails back together.

What is the Best Nail Hardening Product?


The best nail hardening product is recommended nail hardening product is Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthener Cream. This product makes your nails stronger and better especially if you have soft nails.

In order for your nails to last longer and also withstand external pressure like your normal nails, you need to harden them. A nail hardener gives your nail extension the ability to be rigid without breaking or cracking.

There are many types of nail hardening products you can choose to pick from especially if your nails are oily but you need the best. One of the top best most recommended nail hardening products is Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthener Cream.



In conclusion, you can fix your gel nails that have been lifted at home by yourself by first wiping them off with isopropyl and applying it again. The cause of your nails lifting from the edge is because of the accumulation of dust and debris.

Also, know that a nail hardener makes your nails to be hard and stronger, especially for nails that are oily and need rigidity. If you find this article helpful, support us by dropping a review on our email address.

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