How to Get Purple Shampoo Stains Out of Hair

Purple shampoo is a type of hair dye that can help to remove unwanted yellow and brass tones from hair. It also helps to maintain the natural highlights in blonde hair, so it is not recommended for dark hair.

This hair shampoo can also be regarded as a toner that helps to enhance your blonde and lighted hair making it look refreshed and vibrant. Because of its dark purple nature or color, stains from this shampoo need to be removed.

How to Get Purple Shampoo Stains out of Hair


Purple shampoos are a godsend for people with dark hair. It makes the hair look shinier and healthier, but it can cause some problems too, like purple shampoo stains on the scalp and hair.

There are two ways to get rid of purple shampoo stains: one is by using a clarifying shampoo, which removes all traces of product buildup, and the other is by using a color-safe shampoo, which will only remove excess product.

Another option to get rid of purple stains from your hair is by using or mixing lime with baking soda into a paste and applying it to the stained or affected part. This lime and baking soda exfoliated unwanted stains from your hair easily and efficiently.

It is possible to notice that after you have applied shampoo to your hair and then rinsed it with enough water, there are some noticeable stains. These stains are because of the deep color, and purple of the shampoo, and its ability to deposit pigments.

Clarifying Shampoo to Remove Purple Tint


Clarifying shampoo is used to cleanse hair build-up from the hair scalp in order to eliminate or neutralize any unwanted orange and brassy color. There are however tested and trusted clarifying effective in removing purple tint you should try out.

Here are reviews on the best clarifying shampoo that can remove any color dye and even purple tint from your hair:

  • Biolage Cleanreset Normalizing Shampoo.

This shampoo is very efficient and removes debris or any oil build-up from your hair easily, it also keeps your hair refreshed and clean. This shampoo makes your hair free from any tint color and is very affordable to buy and maintain

  • PHYTO Phytodex clarifying shampoo.

This shampoo is good in eliminating build-up from your hair follicles making look new and removing dead cells that make it look old and shabby. This shampoo detoxifies your hair from any bacteria causing hair or scalp issues.


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Will Baking Soda Remove Purple Shampoo?


Baking soda which is also known as bicarbonate soda is a good and efficient exfoliating scrub that can work on your hair and skin. This can be used if you notice your hair has been stained during your purple shampoo after wash.


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Because baking soda will be able to remove purple shampoo stains from your hair, you should know how to prepare and use it. Carefully scoop out a moderate amount of baking soda powder and mix with water to form a paste.

After mixing till it forms a paste in the bowl or container, put on old clothing you don’t regularly use to avoid remains dropping on your body. Apply the paste to the stained strands and let it sit for at least 15 mins before rinsing it off.

How Long Does It Take for Purple Shampoo to Rinse Out?


There are a few different ways that you can approach this question. You could use the time it takes to wash your hair if you have not used any other products in your hair, or you could see how long it takes for the purple dye to wash out of your hair with no other products in there.

Purple shampoo stains may look difficult or very hard to get rid off when it happens due to how visible and deep the stain is or looks. You can get off purple shampoo stains from your hair or your skin or anywhere that is stained.

When these stains from the purple shampoo are not quickly attacked with water and a stain remover when it occurs, it tends to become tougher. Purple shampoo stains can take at least 2 days to properly rinse out without spots.

How to Stop Purple Shampoo from Staining Hair


To stop purple shampoo from staining your hair, you can use dry shampoo or try to wash your hair more often. The more you wash your hair, the less likely it will be that the purple color will stay on your strands after you rinse it out.

Another way to stop purple shampoo from staining your hair after applying it and letting it sit for a few minutes is achievable by using a lime or lemon juice or water solution. You should rinse your hair with water after washing it with purple shampoo.

Purple shampoo is used on all hair types without restriction to remove unwanted undertones from your hair and make it look glossy and shiny. This shampoo can be applied to hair to increase its value and moisturize the scalp.

Purple shampoo stains can be avoided timely if you get the right things to use that’ll stop them from staining your hair is available. Stains from purple shampoo aren’t easy to get rid of but it is way better to prevent the stain.

How Does Baking Soda Remove Toner from Hair?


Toner is a liquid formula that is used on lightened hair or color-treated hair to enhance its color or soften your hair more than it was before. This toner can be removed when baking soda has been applied to the hair and left for some time.

Baking soda can effectively remove toner from your hair because it is an exfoliating scrub that removes unwanted undertones or any color. The baking soda penetrates deep and removes the toner leaving your hair without any color tone.

How Does Lemon Juice Remove Toner from Hair?


Lemon juice contains alkalis that are effective in removing tough colors from your skin or your hair without reacting harshly or causing side effects. Toner is a liquid formula that can be used on your hair to enhance its color.


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When lemon juice is applied to your hair which has a toner of any kind on it and the lemon juice sits for at least 10 to 15 minutes, the lemon clears the tone. When your hair is rinsed with water, you’ll discover the coloring agent all pour out easily.

How Long Does It Take for Toner to Wash out of Your Hair?


Toner is used on the hair to promote its appearance of the hair and makes it look more vibrant and refreshed without any notice of undertone. After applying an undertone to your hair, it is supposed to last for a few minutes for amazing results.

If after applying your toner product to your hair, it’s left to stay for too long a time, it’ll affect your hair’s coloration and cause hair damage. Toner is supposed to sit on your hair for at least 20-45 minutes before rinsing it out.



In conclusion to this article, purple shampoo stains can be removed or gotten out of your hair no matter how tough the stains might look. You can get rid of purple shampoo stains by using baking soda paste on your hair.

You should also be very careful about the type of clarifying shampoo you use on your hair and how long it should stay on your hair. If you find this article educating and find your questions, do good to drop your review.

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