How to Make 30 Volume Developer into 10

When you’re faced with trying to make a new volume developer tone your hair to the desired color, you’ll need to know this. You’re to make inquiries about the developer you’re about to prepare to Be on the safer side.

It is a good idea to be well enlightened on how to properly make your volume developer, as in this case of making it from 30 volumes to 10. Ensure you apply the accurate ratio for using this developer which is 1:2 when making your mixture.

How to Make 30 Volume Developer into 10


Making a 30 volume developer from 10 is quite simple once you know that 30 volume developer is also a 9% peroxide mixture. When mixing the developer, make you use enough water even if it is the normal tap water from your sink.

To make 30 volume developer from 10, mix one part of a 30 volume developer with two parts water to get the 10 volume developer from the 30 volume one.

The correct mixing ratio of this 1:2.

When the time comes to dye your hair, it is important to know the right product for your hair type. If you have a dark hair tone, it is recommended to use a 30 volume developer as it will not fade your natural color as much as a lighter developer.

However, if you have bleached or brittle hair, we recommend using a 20-volume developer so that you don’t damage your natural color. The right hair product and the right developer are important to maintaining healthy hair.

Make sure you’re very observant when mixing the developer because once you discover the mixture is thin, it means your hair wouldn’t be well lightened. Make sure the paste mixture is well concentrated and moderately thick so it can lighten your hair as you desire.

Best Hair Developer 10 Volume


Hair developers come in different strengths and volumes, which are measured by their percentage content. The higher the volume, the more powerful the developer will be on your hair.

The best hair developer 10 volume is a high-volume developer that can be used for very dark shades of black or brown. It is made with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, and it has a higher concentration than other volumes such as 20 or 30 volume.

Product Name Product Rating Price On Etsy Amazon Price
Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Premium Developer Best Oil-Based Formula $15 Check Price
Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Premium Developer Best Cream-Based Formula $17 Check Price
Salon Care 20 Volume Creme Developer Best Non-Irritating Formula $10 Check Price
Wella Koleston Perfect 20 Volume Creme Developer Best Affordable Option $10 Check Price
Marianna Super Star 40 Volume Creme Developer Best Non-Dripping Formula $10 Check Price
Satin 20 Volume Silicone Enhanced Developer Best Color Retention Formula $17 Check Price
Super Star 20 Volume Cream Peroxide Developer Best Easy To Apply $20 Check Price
Pravana 20 Volume Creme Developer Best Value For Money $18 Check Price
Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Creme Developer Best For Sensitive Scalp $13 Check Price
Clairol Professional Pure White 30 Volume Creme Developer Best For Quick Results $10 Check Price


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Can You Dilute 30 Volume Developer with Conditioner


Yes, of course, you can add you’re desirable conditioner to your 30-volume developer mixture without any hair problems. When diluting your 30-volume developer with your favorite conditioner, take note of this.


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When preparing the dilution of  30 volume developer with your conditioner, make sure you measure the 30 volume developer in high quantity. You’ll be needing more concentration on the developer solution to lighten your hair effectively.

Is 10 Volume or 30 Volume Developer Stronger?


You should note that the 10-volume developer works quite differently from the 30-volume developer product. So how do you know which one to pick and which developer is stronger between 10 volume and 39 volume developers?

The 10-volume developer is meant to treat your hair by depositing pigment into your hair without any hair lift being observed. In the case of the 30-volume developer, it lifts your hair in three levels higher than 20 volume.

What Happens if You Mix Conditioner with Developer?


If you mix hair conditioner with developer, the conditioner will not dissolve the developer. The developer is a chemical that changes color when it reacts with other substances. The conditioner will form a layer on top of the developer and both substances will stay separated.


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Conditioners are meant to repair your hair follicles and treat any issues your hair must be experiencing after some time which is normal. This conditioner also treats your hair by depositing needed nutrients to fasten its growth.

Now here’s what happens when you mix your conditioner with a developer, you mixing this two will lessen the power of the developer. This will cause the developer to not color your hair effectively as you so desire.

How Long Do You Leave 30 Developer in Your Hair?


It is ideal that after applying your desired amount of 30 developers in your hair you should allow it to sit well for a few minutes. You doing this will enable your hair to absorb the developer and grant great results you’ll love.

So the next phase to be mindful of is how long the 30-volume developer stays on your hair while doing its own magic. It is expected that your 30 volume developer bleach should stay for at least 15-30 minutes.

Can I Mix Developer with Shampoo?


The answer to this is yes, it is a good idea to use shampoo before applying your desired amount of developer. After washing your hair with your shampoo, you can go ahead to apply your developer.

You should take note that your hair should be dry before applying your developer powder to your hair. It should be dry so that the developer powder will sit well on your hair and grant your desired color.

What Should I Not Do Before Dying My Hair?


There are some tips you shouldn’t joke with before applying dye to your hair to avoid causing damage to your hair follicles. What should you do before taking that step of coloring or dying your hair?

What you should do before applying dye or coloring your hair is shampoo your hair for 24 to 48 hours or even more. You doing this will clear off any dirt or hair built in your hair to enable the dye last longer on your hair.

How Can I Lighten My Permanent Hair Dye?


After applying dye consistently to your hair several times, and you’re now wanting to clear off the dye, you need to know this. You should know that lightening your permanent hair dye would be an overnight task.

You can lighten your permanent hair dye by applying lemon juice which is very rich in Vitamin C that comes from the citrus family. You can mix the lemon juice with pure honey and apply it to your hair before washing or rinsing after a few minutes.

Can I Use Hydrogen Peroxide As a Developer?


Yes, you can apply hydrogen peroxide to lighten your hair, just a few spritzes of it will do the work in a few minutes of applying it. But be careful to not overuse it or else you risk damaging your hair which wouldn’t be good.

Getting hydrogen peroxide from a drugstore wouldn’t be effective because no chemical reaction will take place immediately. Do good to check up on a few things on how to handle these two chemicals to keep you on the safer side.

Will Baking Soda and Developer Lighten Hair?


When preparing to use baking soda and your desired volume developer, you need to take these tips shared now to heart. When you mix up these two powders together, they form an observable chemical solution.

This solution is what acts as a bleaching agent on your hair, the developer which contains hydrogen peroxide now activates. It now activates by lightening your hair and in the process of doing so is prone to damaging your hair.



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