How to Mix Blondme Bleach and Developer

Here is how to mix Blondme bleach and developer, First you just need to follow the instructions on the back of the bottle for these two products, which should be different for each type of hair color. For example, if you have black hair, you will mix Blondme bleach with developer in a ratio of 1:1 while if you have dark brown hair, you will mix them in a ratio of 1:2.

How do you mix blond me bleach with your desired volume of a developer without causing any hair problems or damage? If this is you searching for this answer, the next subheading will guide you through each phase.

How to Mix Blondme Bleach and Developer


Mixing blonde bleach and developer is a tricky process. The ratio of the two chemicals can vary depending on the desired color, but typically it’s 1:1. The instructions below are for light blonde hair color.

First, measure out the developer and pour it into the mixing bowl containing water. Mix in the desired amount of bleach powder, then stir until all of the powder is dissolved in the water. You may need to add more water or developer if you want to adjust your mixture to get your desired result.

Next, use gloves to mix up your mixture by stirring it with a whisk so that all chemicals are mixed together well. Lastly, pour your mixture into a plastic bottle and shake well before applying it to your hair with an applicator bottle or bowl and a brush.

When you want to mix Blondme bleach and your 10,20,30 or 40 volume developer, you’ll need to take note of your hair strength. Before mixture and application, you should know what volume of a developer will be suitable for your hair.

After purchasing your Blondme bleach and any suitable type of developer, you should make sure you measure the quantities. You’ll need to add more of the developer than bleach when mixing to achieve your desired hair lightning.

What is the Correct Blondme Bleach and Developer Ratio


The correct ratio of bleach and developer is 1:2 depending on how many results you want to get out of it.

After buying or having access to your Blondme bleach and any developer of your choice, what’s left is the right way of usage. You’ll need to know the right step to apply this mixture to be on the safer side.


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What then should be the accurate or correct Blondme bleach and developer ratio you can use without any side effects? The flexible mixing ratio is between 1:1.5 and1:2.5 which means you can mix and achieve desired results.


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What Developer Should I Use with Blondme?


Because of Blondme users who are quite confused about the type of developer options to pick from and use, this product was made. Yes, a product that will take off your worries and panicking about the right product to use is here!


How to Mix Blondme Bleach and Developer, blondme bleach and developer ratio, blondme bleach and tone how to use, schwarzkopf bleach instructions, blondme bleach scoop size, how long to leave blondme bleach on


The Schwarzkopf  BLONDME PREMIUM DEVELOPER product was designed to be mixed with any color shade or bleach of your choice. It has oil that pampers and takes Care of your hair pigments without causing damage or scalp swelling.

Can You Use Blondme on Scalp?


The Blondme product can be applied to your hair right from your scalp to have or achieve the maximum results possible. You can apply it after being enlightened on the type of developer that works perfectly for your hair.

Using Blondme product will grant your hair the desired color lighter so desire with causing issues for your hairs health. You can also use the Blondme product with any developer that works just fine when mixed.

How Long to Leave Blondme Bleach on


Blondme bleach has a great number of interesting features that you’d hair will sure love to experience and have a taste of. It has oil that treats any issues your hair must be encountering no matter how long it has been.

How long then should you leave your Blondme bleach on your hair after applying it thoroughly and unevenly? You should let the blond me bleach sit on your hair for an interval of 20-45  minutes for proper absorption.

Can You Use Blondme with Any Developer?


The answer to this is no, it’ll not be advisable to use your blond me product with just any developer you lay your hands on. The developer products vary in content, some might work well while others react harshly.

You need to know that Blondme product doesn’t work with Well a toner developer product, make sure you take note of this. Because of cases like this, Schwarzkopf blond me was formulated to sort things out easily.

What Happens if I Use Too Much Developer with Toner?


You adding more developer with toner might as well save you money for some time but have you wondered what will happens to your hair? What happens to your hair after a while of using too much developer with toner matters a lot.

Whenever you apply too much developer with toner, you Stand the risk of your mix becoming dry which isn’t good. When your mix is dry this makes it difficult for your developer to be well saturated in your hair.

How Do You Use Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme?


The following are the easy steps on how to use Schwarzkopf Blondme products;

  • Make sure you apply it on dry unwashed hair. Do not shampoo before applying it.
  • The time of leaving in for proper absorption is 20-45 minutes.
  • Always make sure you use BLONDME Premium Care developers with BLONDME products with an accurate ratio of 1:1.5 to 1:2.5.
  • It is NOT recommended for you to use external heat during any of the processes.

How Long Do I Leave Schwarzkopf Blondme?


After applying your Schwarzkopf blond me a product by following the right steps or guidelines earlier mentioned in this article. You’ll need to be aware of the exact time it’ll take for you to leave it on.

How long will it take for the blond me to stay or sit on your hair before being sure that it has been well absorbed no doubt? It’ll take exactly 20 – 45 minutes for the blond me to stay on your hair and give amazing results.



You will get maximum and effective results on your hair after applying any desired mixture to lighten your hair. This will happen if you follow the right procedures as it has been mentioned above in the article.

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