How to Relax During Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension is a beautiful art, it can be done in the comfort of your own home or you go to a salon. The eyelash extension process can take anywhere from a few minutes to possibly hours, depending on who is fixing it, which technique they are using, and even what type is being fixed.

During this time, you may experience some discomfort due to the adhesive used for the application being slightly irritating to your skin and eyes. If you are a makeup artist or you own a salon, it is your job to make your client feel relaxed and comfortable during the process.

How to Relax During Eyelash Extensions


Let me make this clear,

The best way to relax during eyelash extensions is to have a conversation with your technician. You could talk about the weather, a new TV show you’re watching, or what they think of the latest makeup trend.

Let me explain better, you see, I have been in the makeup industry for years and I can say this “Relaxation is a virtue“ many folks don’t have. I can boldly say I can especially relate to this, people fixing extensions for the first time or trying your service for the first time.

This would not be the case if one was fixing the lashes for themselves by themselves. Well, it is only normal for humans to feel that way I do too when am unsure about a service am trying out.

For me, there are a number of methods I employ and it works pretty fine every time, and I believe it will work just as much for you too. So let’s see how to relax or how to help your client relax during eyelash extension fixing in two ways.

  • Engage your Client the Technician in a Discussion

As I have mentioned earlier, discussion, a good and interesting discussion is enough to make one feel at home enough to forget even pain. The eyes can be tensed during the eyelash-fixing process, but a good discussion in the right direction will do the magic.

Notice I mentioned a good discussion in the right direction? yes, this is what it means, you see different people are comfortable talking about different things. So it is a good idea to find out what the person you are fixing the lash for is comfortable talking about, a good way to achieve this is to let the client talk and then flow with them.

  • Play Good Relaxing Music at a Milled Tempo

There is a popular saying that cool music is all it takes to fall asleep. In this case, you can say a cool music sound is good enough to make your or your client relax during this process.

However, in the case of discussion, different people also vibe and feel relaxed under the different genres of music right. So, for personalized service, you can ask your client what song they want to listen to, and simply check on apple music, sound cloud or whatever music service you use, then play it for them.

Is It Normal for Eyes to Hurt After Eyelash Extensions?


Yes, it is normal for your eyes to hurt after getting eyelash extensions done. The discomfort is often due to an allergic reaction or the result of a lack of blinking.

Eyelash extensions can cause some discomfort in the eye area, but this is usually due to an allergic reaction to the adhesive that is used or a lack of blinking. The discomfort is usually temporary and will go away after a few hours, but, if it does not wear off after 24 hours that could be a problem.

It is recommended that if you experience any pain or discomfort after a day or two, consult your doctor immediately as this could be an indication of an infection. If you also have any other symptoms, such as redness or swelling, you should consult an eye doctor immediately.


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What Happens if You Open Your Eyes During Lash Extensions?


It is not recommended to open your eyes during lash extensions. This can lead to eye irritation and infection and even lash glue possibly sipping into your eyes which is not good for your eyes.

The process of lash extension requires a technician to work in close proximity to the client’s eyes, which increases the risk of contamination and potential injury. Though some beauty salons provide disposable sheets that cover the client’s eye area during this procedure, it may be difficult for them to tell if you are blinking or not while the lashes is being applied to your upper eyelid.

If you have a history of eye problems or are currently wearing contact lenses, it is advised that you do not undergo this even all together.

Can Eyelash Extensions Make You Dizzy?


The simple answer is Yes, eyelash extensions can make you dizzy due to the weight and movement of your eyes which can lead to headaches and eye strain.

Eyelash extensions are a method of applying false eyelashes to natural lashes. The false eyelashes are applied to the natural eyelashes with thin strips of adhesive.

The most common method is to apply individual lashes one by one, but other methods include applying strips of lashes or clusters of lashes in a more uniform manner. All these can make you feel dizzy as it is introducing what is originally part of you and your body will normally react, but it does not happen to everyone.

How Do I Know if I’m Allergic to Eyelash Extensions?


If someone has an allergy to hair dye then they will have symptoms such as itching or burning on the scalp and skin around it, redness in the skin on the scalp and face, hives (raised welts), or rash-like bumps on the skin around the eye area.

An allergic reaction to eyelash extensions can be scary. It can cause the eyes to swell and itch severely. There are a few ways that you can tell if you are allergic to eyelash extensions.

From experience I have with some of my clients, some people develop an allergic reaction after their first set of lashes were applied. If you have a reaction this severe, it is likely that it will happen again and again if you continue getting your lashes done.

Other symptoms include redness, swelling, itching or burning of the eyes, watery or irritated eyes, or eye discharge.

Do and Don’ts After Eyelash Extensions?


There are some do’s and don’ts you need to follow after getting eyelash extensions i always tell this to my clients, in order to get the best results.


  • Avoid wearing mascara for the first week after eyelash extensions. This will help your lashes to bond together better.
  • Take care of your lashes by using a lash curler and mascara every day.
  • Keep your eyes clean by washing them with warm water and soap twice a day.
  • Use eye drops if they feel dry or irritated.


  • Don’t rub or pull on your lashes as this can damage them and cause breakage or loss of lashes over time.
  • Don’t use any oil based makeup removers as they can cause lash loss over time.



There are a few ways you can relax during eyelash extensions. I Have in this article looked into the best methods that work for me and seen how you too can employ the same techniques as a technician.

However, I want you to always remember this, do not limit yourself to only the methods I have mentioned so far, you too can experiment and see what works for you and your different clients. Should in case you have any questions or need more clarification, on how to relax during the eyelash extension session, please ask using the comments section.

You can also share your experience with us below and we will be more than glad to look into it.

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