How to Remove Polygel Nails

Polygel nails are one of the best nail extensions most ladies use regularly from time to time because of their uniqueness and their simplicity. Polygel nails can be applied to your natural nails without causing any kind of damage.

Polygel nails are loved for their natural feeling similar to that of your natural nails that is flexible and does not break anyhow or get damaged. You can remove Polygel nails by using a nail cuticle pusher to lift nails gently from the cuticle.

How to Remove Polygel Nails Without Drill with Oil


You can take off Polygel nails from your natural nails by simply making use of the cuticle oil to soften your nail extension for easy removal. After putting the oil, go ahead and gently pull the acrylic nails downward till it finally falls off.

The process of removing gel nails without a drill is not always easy, but with the right tools and some patience, it can be done. Polygel nails are becoming more popular due to their durability and lasting long-term.

However, they are difficult to remove from the natural nail without a drill or other special tools. The process of removing gel nails without a drill is not always easy, but with the right tools and some patience, it can be done. There are two ways to remove them:

  1. Using an oil-based remover that you can buy on Amazon for about $10.
  2. using acetone and cotton balls as recommended by your nail salon.

Polygel nails might not be easy to remove as it is very flexible and also feels almost like natural nail that is not easy to move from the cuticle. Polygel nails can be removed with oil and a cuticle pusher so that you do not harm your nails.

How to Take off Nail with Drill


When real nails grow under your acrylic nail extension, it usually breeds worry about how to remove or get rid of the nail growing without damaging your acrylic. You need to be very cautious when you want to start this process at home by yourself.

When your Polygel nail has lasted for a period of time and then you’ll want to remove the Polygel nail with a drill bit, you need to be cautious. Drill bits are designed to remove any kind of artificial nails from your hands with care.

There are different types of drill bits that can remove Polygel or any kind of artificial nail from your natural nails without damage at all. You can use a carbide E-file nail drill bit which is professional in removing Polygel nails.

It is preferable that you use a needle bit and electric nail drill bit as it has more tendency to reach your nails no matter how long your nail extensions are. Set the electric nail drill at the 20,000 rotating speed limit to avoid any harm to your nails.

After setting it on 20,000 rotating, you can then carefully start the nail drill process from the middle of your nail and then buff slowly to the side. Make sure you do not add the rotating speed because of Hyponychium and its Onychodermal band.


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Using Acetone


Acetone is a very common nail polish remover that is widely used all over the world to remove artificial nails or even nail color designs. Acetone too can be used to remove Polygel if done in a safe and correct manner.

You can use acetone to make Polygel nails come off easily by first trimming your nails and reducing the length to make them easier to remove. Then you apply petroleum jelly or cuticle oil so that it’ll soften the nails on your hands.

After that, get a cotton pad or cotton ball and soak it in acetone, and then use it to carefully wipe your nails thoroughly for a few minutes. Wait for at least 20 minutes before removing the cotton pad and then scrape off with a cuticle pusher.

How to Take off Polygel with Acetone


As mentioned earlier in this article, acetone is an effective infusing liquid formula mostly used to clean or remove tough stains from things. You can also try out using acetone to take off your Polygel nail extension with ease.

Get a piece of clean clothing and deep it into an amount of acetone liquid formula for 2 minutes and bring it out, place it on your Polygel nail extension. Then leave it on for at least 15 minutes before removing and using the nail cuticle.

Do Polygel Nails Come off with Acetone?


Yes, you can take off your Polygel nails using acetone liquid formula because it is very effective and also designed to remove nail extensions. This liquid is versatile as it is used on marble countertops, hair, and even on your nail brushes.


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All you need do is to get a bottle of acetone and study how it works before you even attempt to use it on your nails or anywhere. You can check the previous paragraphs on how to use acetone so you will do it right.

How Do You Remove Polygel Nails Fast?


The fastest way to remove your Polygel nails is by using the soap, oil, and water method as it is one of the safest ways to get off Polygel. This is so because it is safer and would not damage your natural nails in any way at all.

The fastest way of removing Polygel is using the cuticle pusher to slightly lift up the nails from the edges to allow the liquid solution in. The soap and oil solution is then allowed to enter your fingers softening the nails for removal.

How Long Do Polygel Nails Stay on For?


Polygel nails are very fashionable and very affordable for you to get done in a beauty Saloon without it causing adverse reactions to you. Polygel nails are very easy for you to maintain without so much spending at all.

Polygel nails can last up to 21 days on you before you start trying to maintain them after some time, this makes them very easy to be used. Polygel nails are very flexible to use as it gives you a feel of your natural nails which is rare.

What Lasts Longer Acrylic or Polygel?


Polygel nails is a strong nail enhancement that’s best known because of its gel-acrylic hybrid formula that combines its acrylic and elasticity effects. This Polygel is very easy to remove from your fingers after sometimes you have it on.

Poly gel nail lasts longer because it is more comfortable to have for long and also easy to maintain over a long period of time, unlike acrylic nails extension. Acrylic nails are mostly costly and break easily or are expensive to maintain over time.

How Do I Refill My Polygel Nails?


Polygel, which is mostly sold in a tube-like toothpaste, is a mixture of acrylic powder and clear gel that is easy to apply to your nail and affordable. Polygel also has a putty-like consistency and is extremely easy to apply and shape.

When you buy the Polygel, gently spray or spread it gently over the top of the base of your finger into desired shapes you want it to look like after drying. After leaving it for like 30 mins, go ahead and rinse your nails with water and dry with a clean cloth.



In conclusion, you must now have seen and know that you can remove Polygel nails without damaging your real nails when you use a drill or when acetone. Polygel nails can last up to 21 days before even trying to maintain them with anything.

You also know how to remove your Polygel nails with a nail drill by setting it at a rotating or rotation speed of 20,000 because of Hyponychium and its Onychodermal band. If you find this article indeed enriching, support us by dropping your review on our email.

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