How to Sharpen Cuticle Nippers with Foil at Home

To sharpen your cuticle nippers at home, make sure you have appropriate knowledge on how it works and take safety precautions. If you are new to sharpening your nails at home with foil, a nail technician can help you.

Cuticle nippers are like any other manicure tools that you use for your nails to be healthy and at bay before and after a pedicure. Failure to make sure that tools like this are not sharp will bring about damage to nails.

It is equally important to properly disinfect your nail tools before and after using it at home or in the salon before using it. Disinfecting it will kill any germs and keep your nails free from infections of any kind.

How to Sharpen Cuticle Nippers with Foil


To sharpen your cuticle nippers using foil, make sure you tighten the jaws and not sharpen it when it is loose. If you see that the jaws are not flat, make sure you flatten them using a hammer sharpening.

The sharpening process is a simple one, with an easy-to-follow set of instructions.

  • The first step is to take the nippers and hold them in your hand. This will be the grip you will use throughout the sharpening process.
  • Next, take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it in half lengthwise. The foil should be at least 4 inches wide but can be larger if desired.
  • Place this sheet on top of your work surface and then place the nippers along one side of it so that they are perpendicular to the edge of the foil.
  • Now, carefully slide the blade edge down onto the foil until it touches (or nearly touches) its opposite edge.
  • You should then pull up on both handles while simultaneously pushing down on both handles until you feel resistance, this is the correct angle.

Note that it doesn’t matter if you make this cut on the left or right side of the blade as long as you meet your desired cutting angle. All that is left to do now is repeat these steps for the remaining two angles.

How to Sharpen Cuticle Nippers With a Dremel


A Dremel is another tool you can use to sharpen your cuticle nipper, to do this, make sure you do not press the jaws hard on the machine tool while grinding it. If you press the jaws hard on it while it is grinding, it will make the jaws not sharpen well.

The first way to sharpen cuticle nippers with a Dremel is by using a buffing wheel. This will take off the rough edges and make them smooth again.

You can use this method for any type of metal file or cutter that you would like to sharpen.

  • To start, you need to put on gloves to protect your hands from the sharp metal pieces that will be flying around when you’re cutting it up.
  • Then, start up your Dremel and turn on the buffing wheel attachment while the tool is running at its lowest speed.
  • Hold your cutter in one hand and insert the bit of the Dremel tool that you want to sharpen into your other hand.
  • Take a hold of one end of the file to start with and then turn on the buffing wheel while continuing to hold onto it. It should start buzzing faster within a few seconds and you’ll know you’re doing it right when the bit of metal starts to rotate faster.
  • Then, let go of the file and move your hand over and start grinding away until you’ve reached a desired level of smoothness.

At this point, the Dremel will stop rotating when it’s done or when you say so, so all that’s left for you to do is remove the metal file from the Dremel and give your metal file a quick wipe down. Easy as pie!


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How Long Should Cuticle Nippers Last?


How long cuticle nippers should last depends on the brand you intend to use to have a guarantee that it will last very long. Cuticle nipper can last from 5 to at least 10 years if you buy the qualitative one.


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How long cuticle nippers should last can be increased when you maintain your nippers by sharpening it the right way. Buying the type of cuticle nippers that are known to last long is good, like the Antoine De Paris nippers.

The Antoine De Paris nippers have been popularly known to produce nail clippers that can last for up to a period of 10 years. The blades of these nippers can be changed and the springs are very strong too.

How Do You Sharpen Manicure Scissors?


To sharpen your manicure scissors, place the dull or blunt scissors on the machine sharp r7 at a medium rotating speed. Use your hands to place the jaws one after the other till you see that it is now sharp.

Another way to sharpen your manicure scissors is to grip the blade of your scissors and slowly pull the blade of stone gravel towards you to and fro. Do this to both blades of your scissors till you see that it is very sharp unlike before you started.

Manicure scissors are used for your nail when it needs a manicure at home or in the salon you treat your nails by a professional. It is important for you to sharpen your manicure scissors so it doesn’t become blunt.

What is the Best Size Cuticle Nipper?


The best size for cuticle nippers is the Size 12 quarter jaw, this jaw size is effective in repairing your cuticle without difficulty. Size 12 quarter jaw is known to be the best jaw size to work within the salon or at home.

You need to know the sizes of cuticle nippers before you even go ahead to use them to work on your nails at home or salon. Knowing the right cuticle nipper will help you in using it effectively and efficiently.

The cuticle nipper differs in size from big to small which you can choose and work with depending on your nail pedicure or manicure. The best cuticle nipper that is recommended for you to use is size 12, quarter jaw.



To sharpen your cuticle nipper with foil, go ahead and cut a piece of tin foil and place it at the jaw tip of the nippers, and start cutting. You will notice that the jaw tip is getting sharper as you sharpen with the foil piece.

It is important to sharpen your cuticle nail nippers periodically so that it does not become rust and become blunt to use. Nail cuticle nippers can be sharpened using foil or using Dremel to keep them sharpened.

The Antoine De Paris nippers have been popularly known to produce nail clippers that can last for up to a period of 10 years. If you find this article helpful and educative, kindly support us by sharing it with your friends.

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