How to Use Salon Care Mixing Bowl Measurements

A salon care mixing bowl is a container that is used to mix various ingredients in the salon. It can be used for mixing products such as shampoo, conditioner, and hair color. Some people may also use this to mix their own hair treatments at home.

The Saloon hair care mixing bowl has measurements on it that help you to know the right measuring scale your mixture is on without fail. An example of this type of bowl is the black bowl used for mixing hair dye and has a hair brush too.

How to Use Hair Color Mixing Bowl Measurements


The black bowl is used to mix different contents such as the hair color and any volume of developer or even a color dye in the right ratio as it is supposed to be. The black bowl has its own measurements inside it and is very easy to use to measure.

There are two basic ways to use a hair color mixing bowl to measure out your colorant, the first is by weight, which gives you more accuracy than volume measurements. The second way is by volume, which can be easier if you have a small scale or measuring cup at home and don’t want to buy another kitchen appliance just for coloring your hair.

To help you understand the process better, we have created a short tutorial on how to use hair color mixing bowl measurements.

The Salon Care Mixing Bowl is a plastic bowl that is commonly used in salons for mixing hair dye and other hair products. The bowl is marked with measurements in both ounces and milliliters, so you can accurately measure the ingredients you need for your hair coloring process. Here’s how to use the Salon Care Mixing Bowl measurements:

  • Gather your ingredients:

Make sure you have all the ingredients you need for your hair coloring process, including the hair dye, developer, and any other products specified in the instructions.

  • Measure the ingredients:

Use the markings on the mixing bowl to measure the correct amounts of each ingredient. The bowl is marked in ounces and milliliters, so you can use whichever measurement system you prefer.

  • Mix the ingredients:

Once you’ve measured all the ingredients, use a mixing spoon or brush to mix them together in the mixing bowl until you have a smooth, consistent mixture.

  • Apply the mixture to your hair:

Following the instructions provided with your hair dye, apply the mixture to your hair using a dye brush or your hands.

  • Process and rinse:

Allow the mixture to process according to the instructions provided with your hair dye. Once the processing time is up, rinse the mixture out of your hair and style as desired.

Using the Salon Care Mixing Bowl and its measurements can help you achieve consistent, accurate results when coloring your hair at home. Just be sure to follow the instructions provided with your hair dye and use the bowl as directed to get the best results.


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How to Measure Hair Developer at Home Without a Scale


Hair developer are used to toning and lifting hair from one level to another with your hair becoming lighter than it was and looking more refreshed than it was. The hair developer comes in different volumes from volume10,20,30 or even volume 40.


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Make sure your hair is unwashed and dry before you apply the paste on your hair using a hairbrush that comes with the black bowl for the hair color mixture. Make sure while you’re mixing your developer paste, it comes out thick and not runny.

You can measure your hair developer at home in cases where you don’t have a scale or when your scale is faulty, you can use the substitute and measure. You can use a plastic measuring cup which is a very good and simple alternative to use.

Hair Color Mixing Ratio Chart


A color chart is usually designed in order for you to know the uniqueness of each color you have come across and how to mix them for a specific purpose. The hair color mixing ratio chart is a guide to how colors are mixed in the right ratio.

The hair color mixing ratio for developer is 1:1 or 1:2.5 and is mixed till a moderate paste is formed and then applied to your dry or unwashed hair. You using the right ratio from the chart will guarantee excellent results on your hair.

How to Use Colortrak Mixing Bowl Measurements


The Colortrak mixing bowl is a lightweight durable double-sided mixing bowl that is used to mix hair colors or any mixture and has measurements on it. This bowl is very nice for hair color mix preparation since it has measurement workings on it.

This bowl also has some other set of tool attached to it that makes hair coloring easier and smooth such as mixing spatula, highlighting cap, color application, etc. Because of all these features, the Colortrak is very versatile and also affordable for you to get.

How Do You Measure Hair Color and Developer in a Bowl?


When preparing to apply your developer or any hair color dye on your hair, you’ll need to have the needed and accurate equipment. Using the right measuring bowl to get your hair color in place is equally very important.

You can get a hair color measuring bowl from any market that deals with hair care products or simply place an order for it online. Make sure that your hair color, which is your developer, is higher than the hair color.

What Are the Numbers on a Hair Mixing Bowl?


The measuring bowl is used to get appropriate measurements for your hair color or hair developer mixture so that your hair doesn’t become tinted. This mixing bowl usually has measurement workings on it making it very easy to use.

The numbers on the hair mixing bowl are found by the side of the container inside and can be easily noticed and used to measure without stress. On one side of the bowl is 2,4,8 oz and on the other side of the bowl are 50,80,100 and 200.

What is the Ratio for Mixing Hair Color and Developer?


When you want to mix any color and apply it to your hair, you need to be very observant and careful about how to mix different colors together. The hair color mixing ratio chart guides you on the right colors to mix and how to do so.

This hair color mixing ratio makes it possible for you to know the right portion to measure for each color you’ll want to use for your hair. The general ratio for mixing developers is the ratio 1:2 and ratio 1:2.5 depending on the volume developer.

How Do You Measure Hair Color in Grams?


It is very important that before applying hair color you measure it in the right ratio so that your hair color doesn’t appear too tinted. In cases where you don’t have the measuring scale to measure you can use another method.

The measurements for hair color and hair developer are entirely different so you’ll need to know their difference and how to measure it accurately. The hair color is usually measured in grams while the hair developer is in millimeters.



In conclusion, you should know that saloon is a place where you can get all the care your hair needs even though it’ll cost you some cash. A saloon usually has bowls they use to measure their hair products before using or mixing them.

You should also know that a hair color mixing bowl is very important and safer to use, this bowl has numbers that guide you on how to measure. If you find this article educative, do good to drop your review at our email address.

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