Mondes Hair Color Chart Mixing Ratio

Mondes is a company that specializes in manufacturing professional quality salon products for both stylists and consumers. It produces a variety of products, including hair color, shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and more.

A color chart is usually designed in order for you to know the uniqueness of each color you have come across and how to mix them for a specific purpose. Minded hair color chart mixing ratio is formulated to carry out two major roles for you.

The Monde’s hair color chart shows you different colors and the type of color that will fit your hair type and make you look very fashionable all day! The mixing ratio is meant to guide you on how to measure your hair color accurately before application.

Mondes Hair Color Chart Mixing Ratio


The Mondes Hair Color Chart has been designed by expert stylists to help consumers find the appropriate shades of hair color for their needs. The chart provides information on different shades of browns, reds, and blondes as well as how much developer to add to achieve

Hair color is the result of the chemical reactions between hair’s natural pigment, melanin, and the chemical compounds in hair dye. This process can be done at home or at a hair salon.

The most common way to measure the amount of dye needed is by volume or percentage. For example, a person might mix one part of hair color with three parts of developer cream. In this case, one unit would be 100 milliliters (mL) or 33.8 ounces (oz).

The following chart shows how much dye should be mixed with other products to achieve different shades of color:


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When you mix your hair color with hydrogen peroxide, it’ll give your hair color a vibrant look, make sure to pre-shampoo your hair before application. The accurate mixing ratio for your Mondes hair color mix is 1:2 with 40 vol of yellow peroxide.

How to Mix Hair Color from Sally’s


Sally’s beauty is one of the world’s largest retailers of all kinds of salon-quality hair color products, hair care, nails, and all type of beauty supplies. You can sure get all that you need to apply to your hair from this beauty company.

Before mixing your hair color from sally’s salon, make sure you use the accurate ratio and measurements for your mixture which is 1:2. You using the right ratio will result in your hair color coming out well tinted without an uneven color.

How to Mix Professional Hair Color


Professional hair colors are general or normal colors that can be accepted or easily recognized in any institution or workplace without restrictions. Professional hair colors are black, blond, or grey hair type which is normal amongst races.

These professional hair colors can be achieved using a suitable hair developer that will lift your hair and tone it making the hair lighter than it was. You can achieve this by mixing a 20,30 or 40-volume developer and applying it to your hair.

How then do you mix and achieve a professional hair color, you need to get the appropriate hair developer that will work better and tone your hair. Make sure your hair is unwashed or dry before applying the paste to your hair before.

What is the Ratio for Mixing Hair Color and Developer?


Hair color is a substance that enhances your hair to be lightened and your hairstyle still looks refreshed and not old or shabby. The hair color can be added to your developer paste to increase the lightening of your hair.

Your hair color and any volume of developer you have picked or chosen to use should be mixed in a suitable ratio to form a tint color. The ratio for this mix is 1:1,1:1.5, or 1:2 for lighter effects and then applied to your hair.

What is the Ratio for Permanent Hair Color?


When you want to color your hair making it permanently on one color shade you know, it is very important you know the right ratio. Also knowing how to use the ratio will guarantee great results in achieving the right color.

The permanent hair color is usually diluted or mixed with 10 vol which is (3%),20 vol (6%),30 vol (9%), or 40 vol (12%) with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is also known as an oxidant which is key for achieving the right color.

This choice of oxidant makes it possible to achieve the right shade and depth you want your hair color to penetrate and tone it too with harsh reactions. The average tube used for permanent hair coloring is made up of 10% alkalis and 70% coloring molecules.

What Happens if You Put Too Much Developer in Hair Color?


The developer is a hair care product that enhances your blonde hair to become lighter or toned and gives your hair lift on different levels. Hair developers can be mixed with hair color to enhance your hair’s tone to look lighter.

What happens when you put too much development into your hair color mix is that your hair’s tint color will look brassy and not toned well. To avoid cases like this, make sure you use the appropriate ratio of developer and hair color.

What Developer Should I Use to Dye My Hair Dark Brown?


Hair developers are used to making hair color change on a lighter scale or in a few cases to a dark brown or grey color depending on hair type. The developer varies and each has different levels of hair lift that can tone your hair.


Mondes Hair Color Chart Mixing Ratio, mondes color chart, mondes hair color ash brown, mondes hair color ash blonde, bremod hair color chart


The developer to use as a dye to tone your hair from what it currently is to dark brown is the 40-volume developer paste which is very possible. The best developer you can use to dye your hair black is the 20-volume developer.

The 20-volume developer can be used on your hair as dye if your hair color is naturally black without it causing hair loss or damage at all. The 40-volume developer can lift your hair from 1 to 4 shades but will result in hair damage.

What Volume Developer Should I Use for Grey Hair?


The 40-volume developer can lift your hair from 1 up to 4 levels shades making your hair dark brown while 20 volumes lift it slightly making it dark. The 20-volume developer is also a good choice for making your hair color if it’s grey hair.

Because the 20-volume developer is best for lifting your hair from one to 2 levels without causing hair damage, you’re on the safer side of using it. Make sure you use the right ratio when mixing so it doesn’t result in uneven color tint.



When attempting to mix your Mondes hair color, you need to have knowledge of the right ratio to use to avoid hair damage or too many tints. You can also add hydrogen peroxide to your hair color mix to make it last longer.

In this concluding part, you should now know that Mondes hair color chart mixing ratio helps or guides you on how to combine the right colors. This also makes you know the right ratio to mix for every color you want to use.

You should also know that the 40-volume developer can dye your hair to become dark brown even tho it will possibly lead to hair damage. If you find this article very enriching, we would love to hear your reviews on our email.

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