Why is My Gel Base Coat Sticky on Nail

The gel base coat is sticky on the nails because it was not applied correctly. The nail polish needs to be applied to the nail and then rubbed in, while the second layer of color should be applied to the top of the first layer and then rubbed in.

A gel base coat is one of the nail enhancements that is placed on your nails to create more layers of thickness on your nail. The gel base coat is in a liquid form and is usually contained in an airtight bottle with a lid.

You might have discovered that your gel base coat is refusing to dry after the expected time you had applied it on your nails. Making your gel base coat no longer sticky on your nails is very achievable and not difficult.

Why is My Gel Base Coat Sticky on Nail


The gel base coat is sticky on the nails because it is not completely dry. The gel base coat needs to be completely dry before applying a gel color.

Below are some more common possible reasons

  1. The product is too thick.
  2. The product is too thin.
  3. Too much product on the brush.
  4. Too little product on the brush.
  5. The product has been open for too long and has dried out or gone bad.
  6. The nails are dirty, oily, or wet when applying a gel base coat to the nail bed.
  7. The nails are not cleaned before applying gel base coat to the nail bed.

Above all your gel base coat could be sticky on your nail because of not curing your nails properly under UV light or a led lamp. Not applying enough dip powder can also cause your gel base coat to look lumpy and dull.

You should always make sure you understand the due process of applying your base coat so that you don’t mix up things. Another reason why your gel base coat is sticky in your nail may be because of over curing.

How to Remove Gel Base Coat


A gel base coat is a clear, protective layer that is applied to nails before the application of any nail polish.


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A gel base coat has the same function as a traditional nail polish base coat. It protects the nails from staining, smoothens out the nail surface, and provides a smooth surface for applying nail polish.

The removal process is different depending on whether you have an at-home kit or if you visit a salon for this service. If you have an at-home kit, then you can use acetone to remove it. If not, then visit your salon and they will use acetone or alcohol to remove it.

For example, to remove the gel base coat, you can use acetone or alcohol as a solvent. Acetone is more effective and less harsh on your skin than alcohol. You should avoid using water because it will disrupt the bond between your natural nail and the acrylic nails.


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How to Dry Sticky Gel Base


To dry the sticky gel base is by wiping off your nails using rubbing alcohol. After applying your gel base coat on your nails and it has dried up, you need to wipe off your base coat. Wiping off your nails with rubbing alcohol or an alcoholic wipe gets rid of tackiness and stickiness.


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Another way to dry your sticky gel base, use a clean cloth or cotton balls and dip in the rubbing alcohol and then gently dab your gel nail base. After doing this on all your nails, allow them to dry and you will see no trace of stickiness anymore.

How to Remove Gel Base Coat on Nails


To remove your gel base coat, you will need to first soak your nails for at least 30 minutes using nail acetone liquid. Then you wipe or dry your nails with a clean cloth and then use rubbing alcohol to wipe your nails.

Carefully wipe your nails with the soaked cotton balls till you see that the whole gel base coat has totally come off and the cotton balk colored. Make sure you apply cuticle oil on your nails to soften your nails and rid dryness that can cause cracks.

Gel polish is a type of nail polish that is more durable than traditional nail polishes and it looks shiny, smooth, and glossy. One of the main problems with gel polish is that it can be difficult to remove it properly.

If you do not remove your gel nails properly, they will stay on your nails for days or weeks, which can cause discoloration and damage to your natural nails. Removing the gel base coat from your nails can be done in many ways.

You can use acetone or other removers to help you remove the gel from your nails without damaging them further. You can also use olive oil or coconut oil to help soften the gel before you scrub it off.

Some people find that using a nail file to gently scrape off the gel can work best. A buffer or emery board can also help you remove the gel without actually damaging your nails.

How Long Do You Cure Gel Base Coat?


How long you should cure your gel base coat depends on the manufacturer who produced the gel base coat and normally lasts for 45 seconds. You should look out for the recommended time stated for you on the gel base coat.

To cure your gel polish, make sure you place your nails under UV light and an led lamp and make sure that it does not turn out to be lumpy. The curing time for curing your gel polish, gel polish top coat, and gel polish base coat are all different.

Can You over Cure Gel Polish?


Yes, the tendency to over cure your gel polish is high because you are trying to prevent your nails from being lumpy and not looking dull. You should not leave your nails too long under the led lamp for too long a time.

When you over cure your gel nail polish for too long and then it becomes really dry and tight on your nails, it will lead to cuticle trauma. Over curing your nails can also harm your real or natural nails underneath.

Can You Dry Gel Nail Polish with a Hair Dryer?


Yes, you can use a hair dryer to dry your gel nail polish and still get a beautiful shiny and brilliant to make you look fashionable. A hairdryer is used to make your hair dry faster and quickly in a few minutes after a hair wash.

To dry gel nails with a hair dryer, make sure you position your hand in such a way that your nails are in contact with air from the dryer. Be careful to not allow your nails to stay too long under the dryer for too long a time.

Can I Air Dry Gel Nail Polish?


Yes, you can air dry your gel nail polish by yourself or use any safe medium which is convenient for you to do at the moment. Air drying your gel nail polish also gives a low chance of your nails being lumpy or dull.

To air dry your nails, you can also try using a hair dryer or anything at all to dry your nails, but you should be careful of over-drying. Overdrying your nails can result to nail cracks and nail trauma which is very bad.

How Do I Know if My Gel Polish is Cured?


For you to know if your gel polish is now cured after putting it under UV light or an led lamp, you will discover that it does not feel sticky but is shiny. A well cured gel nail does not feel too tacky when touched and looks glossy and bright.

A sign of your gel polish not being cured well is that it looks and feels lumpy and has a dull color, it also bubbles at the cuticle and shrinks at the edges. To make sure your nails are cured properly, make sure you place your nails directly under the UV light with no obstruction.



The reason why your gel base coat is sticky is that you did not use an alcohol wipe to wipe your nails after curing. You can use rubbing alcohol in the absence of an alcoholic wipe on your nails.

Be careful to not over-cure your nails in a bid to not make them lumpy and then end up making them too cured or cured leading to nail cracks. If this article is enlightening and answers your question, do good to drop your review below.

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